Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chris Kajioka Pop-Up Dinner at MW Restaurant

Chris Kajioka @ckcuisine, the former chef of Vintage Cave, recently did a pop-up dinner at the MW Restaurant. I was invited to this special dinner by Grant aka Chuggy Bear. The food served that night was delicious. The portions looked small but at the end of the night, I left with a full stomach. If you enjoy food and trying new things, I highly recommend trying Chris' food.

Vegetables Raw & Cooked, Buttermilk

Oysters, Alliums

Smoked Onion Dip, Roe, Lavosh

Duck Pastrami

Ramp "1000" Island, Chris Sy's Bread

Foie Gras, Fig Jam (Supplement)

Grilled Hamachi Collar, Kohlrabi, Black Garlic Emulsion (Supplement)

Glazed Pork Belly, Apple, Verjus & Lamb Shoulder, Honey, Shallot

Flatbread, Za'atar, Garlic, Duck Fat

Spreads & Condiments
(Picquillo Almond, Eggplant Balasamic, Cauliflower Yogurt Dill,
Harissa Hot Sauce, Pickled Onion, Marinated Cucumbers)

Roasted Cabbage, Anchovy, Apple, Parmesan

Doughnut, Brown Butter, Medjool Date

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