Saturday, February 28, 2015

Da Ala Cart

Da Ala Cart is a food stall that appears in the parking lot of Launderland in the Moiliili area. The chef cooks all kinds of food on a stick and they also have grilled musubi. To find out when they open and what is on the menu, you need to check their instagram or twitter page. Of all the times I visited, there has always been a line. They usually open around 9pm so try to be there by 9:30pm. If you go after 10pm, some items may already be sold out. Since everything is cooked on the robata grill, it may take some time. Some of my favorite items are the grilled musubi with pork, pork garlic, rib eye, lamb lollipops, and corn. I heard the gyutan (beef tongue) is really good but I haven't seen it on the menu.

For parking, you can use the Launderland stalls. There are stalls before and after Launderland. They accept cash or credit. If you pay with cash, try to give them small bills. I also recommend bringing your own drinks because they don't sell any. If you forget your drinks, you can go to the Shell gas station on the corner of S Beretania and McCully Street.

2025 S Beretania St
Honolulu, HI 96826

Pork Garlic

Garlic Kamaboko, Garlic Ika

Grilled Musubi w/ Salmon

Grilled Musubi w/ Pork

Da ala Sausage

Lamb Lollipop

Zucchini Wrap & Jalapeno Wrap