Friday, June 10, 2011


If you love tofu, you need to come to this place. For first timers, I highly recommend the "Homemade Tofu Sampler." It comes with 3 kinds of tofu (see photos below). My favorite one was the "Sukui." It has a bit of a cheesy flavor with a hint of salt. It tasted interesting but was also delicious at the same time.

I didn't like their sushi. They were stingy on the ingredients. The unagi roll had too much rice and the inside was 3 pieces of carrot. That was very disappointing. For the ahi roll, the inside was cucumber and carrots. I was expecting imitation crab meat or maybe some tobiko.

They had some interesting desserts. It's desserts you don't normally see in the other izakaya restaurants. I've had milk pudding before but the milk pudding here, wasn't so great. I'm not sure what kind of soy milk they use but it didn't taste good. The warabi mochi looked really good and the waiter described it as chi chi dango. It was not chi chi dango! I felt like I was eating one of those energy gel blocks. I could feel the mochi texture but at the same time as I was biting it was like biting into gelatin. That was not good. But anyways, the other dishes I had were very good so do check them out.

For more information about Gazen, please visit

2840 Kapiolani Blvd
Honolulu, HI 96806

Homemade "Zaru" Tofu

Kurogoma Tofu

Homemade "Sukui" Tofu

Deep Fried Tofu Mochi Agedashi

Gazen Style Deep Fried Chicken

Gazen Style Garlic Shrimp

Gazen Style Unagi Roll

Shoyu Flavored Ahi Roll

Soy Milk Pudding

Warabi Mochi

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