Monday, January 16, 2017

Spicy Pavilion

If you like Chinese food and you can handle heat, this place is for you. More than half of their menu consisted of dishes that were spicy. If you can't eat spicy, there are still items you can try. I enjoyed the Guilin rice noodle and pan fried Jiangxi noodle. The beef broth for the Guilin rice noodle had good flavor and per the waitress, there is no msg in it. The waitress for my table spoke mandarin and some English but the cashier spoke fluent English so don't be afraid to come in here if you don't speak their language. The menu also has a lot of photos and each dish has a short description below it.

I came on a weekend around 12:30pm for lunch and it was quiet. No reservations are needed unless you have a group of 8 of more. The tables are set up to seat 4 people. They are open for lunch and dinner. The restaurant is inside Cultural Plaza and it's by the river where the bridge is. They will validate if park in either of the parking lots (N. Kukui Street entrance or Maunakea Street entrance). I think the Maunakea Street parking lot is cheaper if you plan to be in the area for more than 1 hour.

Chinatown Cultural Plaza
100 N Beretania St, Ste 113
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 888-8306

Beef Rolled in Chinese Pancake

Pan Fried Jiangxi Noodle

Guilin Rice Noodle

Sichuan Spicy Ground Pork Noodle

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