Sunday, March 27, 2016

Leonard's Bakery

Leonard's Bakery is a locally owned family bakery in the Kapahulu area near Safeway. This is a popular spot for locals and tourists to pick up malasadas. If you're driving down Kapahulu Ave, you will spot their red, yellow, and blue sign. At night, the sign is lit up. Malasadas are similar to doughnuts but these are rolled in granulated sugar (original flavor) after being removed from the fryer. Over the years, the bakery has added some new flavors to their menu. You can get malasadas rolled in cinnamon sugar or my new favorite, li hing mui powder and sugar. They also have malasada puffs which contain a filling inside. Some of the flavors for the filling are custard, haupia, or chocolate. If you're not in the mood to try a malasada, they have other baked goods such as sweet bread and pastries. The bakery is open daily and it is busy all the time. I've always had to stand in line but if you have a large order you can call in advance to place an order. They accept credit cards and they have their own parking lot. If the lot fills up, you can park on the street or in the residential area.

Besides having the store, they also have the Malasada mobile which is at the Waikele Shopping Center. You might want to check the hours of operation on their website before going there. 

For more information about Leonard's Bakery, visit

933 Kapahulu Ave
Honolulu, HI 96816
(808) 737-5591

Li Hing Malasada

Original Malasada

Guava Malasada Puff (flavor of the month)


  1. Always stop at the Kapahulu store when I visit home. I don't care for the puffs, I like the original over the cinnamon, but will have to try the LiHing mui one. Sounds like could be good.

    1. I have to admit the li hing flavor sounds weird but it's not as sweet as the original so I like it more.