Monday, January 27, 2014

Agu Ramen

They are located across from the Old Stadium Park in Mo'ili'ili. Their broths for the ramen are very good. They also have the level 5 spicy ramen which my friends enjoy. The spice level is really inconsistent though. Sometimes your mouth will burn and sometimes you'll be fine. For first timers, I recommend getting the kotteri tonkotsu. You can skip the gyoza and use that money for extra ramen toppings or the small dishes instead. The ground pork for their gyoza is mushy.

The interior of the restaurant is small and I don't recommend going with a big group. When you get to the restaurant, remember to sign in and then step outside to wait. They don't take reservations and they are really busy. They have a big parking lot in the back and 4 parking stalls in front of the restaurant which are usually taken.

For more information about Agu Ramen, visit

925 Isenberg St
Honolulu, HI 96826
(808) 492-1637

Agu Gyoza

Piri Kara Menma

Kotteri Tonkotsu

Spicy Kotteri Tonkotsu (level 2)

Shoyu Tonkotsu

Shio Tonkotsu

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