Saturday, September 14, 2013

Monarch Seafoods

They are located in Kalihi and I consider it a lunch hot spot. Their seafood is very fresh and they serve up delicious and reasonably priced plate lunches. The shop is small and they only have 2 cooks in the back. I recommend calling in your order and then picking up. They don't have a parking lot and the street parking in the area is busy so it helps to have someone wait in the car while the other person goes in for the food.

My favorite item is the ahi katsu. It's like eating ahi sashimi but you get a little bit of crunch from the tempura batter. The ahi is very fresh and it's still rare in the center. This plate will definitely hit the spot. They also have dessert. They are known for banana cream pie but it sells out by lunch. If you want a slice or a whole pie, I recommend calling in the morning and keeping it on hold for when you go and get lunch.

For more information about Monarch Seafoods, visit

515 Kalihi St
Honolulu, HI 96819
(808) 841-7877

Ahi Katsu

Garlic Butter Sauteed Tiger Shrimp w/
Zucchini & Mushrooms over Linguine

Furikake Salmon

Nori Wrapped Crabmeat Stuffed Ahi

Banana Cream Pie

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