Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nanding's Bakery

This was my first time eating Spanish rolls and I must say, they are delicious. I'm in love! It's like sweet bread but better because it's buttery and savory at the same time. I've made so many trips back to the bakery that I've already lost count. Besides Spanish rolls, they also have other baked goods. One thing that caught my eyes were the ensaymada. They have the normal sized ones but then they also have a big one and it's really big. The one I have pictured below, I split it into 4 portions and ate it in 2 days. The baked goods here are very reasonably priced.

There are 3 parking spaces in front of their shop. I don't recommend driving a giant SUV here because their parking spaces are for compact cars. If the lot is full, circle around the block. This bakery is more of a grab and go place.

918 Gulick Ave
Honolulu, HI 96819
(808) 841-4731

Spanish Rolls

Silang Ensaymada

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