Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jinroku Pacific

If you like okonomiyaki, this is the place to be. The executive chef, Ken, is outgoing and he likes to talk story with his customer. The takoyaki and okonomiya take about 20 minutes to cook so put the order in for that first and then order the other items. I recommend the counter seats because you can watch the chefs cook. Remember to save room for dessert. Their milk pudding is really smooth and silky, it's a must try!

For more information about Jinroku, please visit

2427 Kuhio Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815


Potato with Bacon and Cheese

Garlic Shrimp


Mushroom & Yakisoba Okonomiyaki

Jinroku Special Okonomiyaki

Fried Soba in Omlette

Jinroku Mix (steak, seafood, & vegetables)

Rice Dumplings with Sweet Azuki Bean Ala Mode

Milk Pudding Ala Mode

Kuromitsu Shave Ice

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  1. Just went to this restaurant today. It's very good and I was very impressed of their food. I love their okonomiyaki (any one of them is good), takoyaki, doteyaki, Fried Soba in Omlette, Milk Pudding Ala Mode, and Kuromitsu Shave Ice with Azuki beans. I will definitely go again!