Saturday, July 2, 2016

Menya Musashi Ramen

Menya Musashi Ramen is located near Ala Moana Center. They are known for their tsukemen and ramen. This has become one of my favorite places for tsukemen. The dipping broth is thick and it's not super oily. The noodles get coated nicely after each dip. They are generous with the kakuni (pork belly). The lean to fat ratio is perfect so you'll enjoy each bite along with your noodles. The noodles come in 4 sizes; regular, large, xl, and pounder. If you plan on sharing a tsukemen with your group, the pounder is a great option. The price range is about $10 - $15 so it's still reasonable. If you want a better bowl of ramen or tsukemen with flavorful broth, check this place out.

The shop entrance is small so you can miss it. If you're coming from Pensacola Street or Kapiolani Blvd, you'll see the Wedding Ring shop at the corner. On the next block of Pensacola Street, you'll see the Discount Store and Menya Musashi Ramen is next to it. There are parking spaces in front of the shop and some street parking. The inside of the shop is big and its interior is samurai themed. The kitchen is in the back and you can see the cooks preparing your meal as you wait. If you're coming with more than 4 people, I recommend making reservations.

560 Pensacola St
Ste 105
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 589-0634

Kakuni Bao

Super Musashi Style (ramen)

Nitoryu Musashi Style (tsukemen)

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