Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lobster King

A lot of people have been talking about this place and how the lobster is so cheap. You know what, their food doesn't taste good. The dishes I had were either super salty or bland. The one dish that did turn out well was the Peking Duck but don't eat the shrimp chips on the remaining plate of duck meat. The chips are oily and stale. I think it was previously fried and left in a container for a long period of time and the air got in. Don't order the Crispy Shrimp with Roasted and Honey Glazed Walnuts (aka walnut shrimp wannabe), it taste bad. There was barely any honey and mayo sauce on the shrimp itself.

Their prices are quite high. There is a long wait time so if you plan on coming here, make a reservation 24 hours in advance. Beware of the parking, if you're not lucky enough to get the stalls by the entrance, you'll have to maneuver your way in the back parking lot which has very tight spaces.

1380 S King St
Honolulu, HI 96814

Lobster w/ Ginger & Green Onion

Stir Fried Scallop

Peking Duck w/ Buns

Crispy Shrimp w/ Roasted & Honey Glazed Walnuts

Braised Abalone w/ Mushroom & Lettuce

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