Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Diem Cafe - CLOSED

If you work in downtown, you definitely need to come and try this place. They have daily specials and most of their items are under $7. The owners are very nice. If the lady takes your order, it will be fast. If you get the guy, watch out. He likes to joke around with the customers but no worries, you'll get a good laugh out of it.

So the picture below with all the different rolls, you have to go on Monday to get this. If you on a different day of the week, it's going to be something else. One time I tried to order "Monday Special #4" on a Thursday and I ended up with Thursday Special #4. Yes, lesson learned. The pho from here is also very good. They pack their soup and noodles together though, so if your office is far you might want to ask them to separate it.

NOTE: They are closing on 8/26/2011.

801 Alakea St. Ste 114
Honolulu, HI 96813

Monday Special #4

BBQ Pork & Spring Roll Combo

Five Spice Chicken & Spring Roll Combo

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